I'm doing a ONE NIGHT ONLY show at Edinburgh Fringe Festival on the 14th August, the show's proper different... a little bit mad... essentially a musical. Please tell a pal and please come along! I'm going to be appearing in the BBC tent too on the 13th so keep an eye out on 'ere for that too :)

Got to record a podcast for the BBC with the absolute legend that is Helen Lederer, what a treat that was! Will be sure to let you know when it's out.

On the 1st, 2nd and 3rd March i'll be gigging in Guernsey which i'm very much indeed looking forward to.

my fantastic new show is a musical puppet show about how Sooty doesn't speak because this whole time Soo's been gaslighting him. I'm only doing it at a select few places, your first chance to see this bundle of eccentric girth is at the Leicester Comedy Festival on February 18th, it's free and it'd be super if you came. Book tickets 'ere

I'm gigging for Oslo Comedy Club in Norway in February...Whoop, whoop! I can't wait to gig overseas again.

Well, I was minding my own business (bearing in mind i've minded my own business twice in my life) in Waterstones when I spotted my delightful little emu face IN A BOOK!
Be sure to check out "Joker Face" by the wonderful Mr Steve Best.

My podcast, "Don't Worry, Bi(polar) Happy has reached over 50,000 listens. Yay! I like them apples very much, thanks so much to everyone that has listened and bob a gander into the, "My Dulcet Podcast Tones" section for links to fill your ears for anyone that hasn't. 

I'm one of the faces chatting in this and it's acquired over a million views which is grand. 
This wasn't something I envisaged I’d talk about so openly. Two things changed this 1.) I don’t particularly give a f**k anymore and 2.) If I ever let my leg hair grow my boyfriend's NINE year old son will say, "Ew! Harriet's got hairy legs” and it’s not ok that someone so young thinks that. So yeah, watch, share and let it grow 😊