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A note from Harriet:
Howdy sluggers! I'm Harriet Dyer and I'm a comedian. if you're expecting the Australian actress Harriet Dyer - thank you as she seems quite the treat but she is not i so abort mission.
If you're here for me then strap on in (ooh double strap) and off we go. Here you shall find various news, clips, updates and a jolly good time. If you thought I used to have a website at www.harrietdyer.co.uk you wouldn't be wrong... In true palaver fashion the man that made it is now on the run (i wish i was joking) and now it's home to a Spanish techno DJ... So yes, always steer here. If you have any questions be sure to let me know, enjoy your stay.
Breakfast is served 8-10am.
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Have yourself a little click of either purple button to find out all about the Edinburgh Fringe shows (that's right, more than one... You know what they say, "Work hard so you can one day end up all alone") i'm doing this year. If you feel it's an anti-climax once you've gandered, let me know and i'll open a can of whoop ass IN. YOUR. FACE. Thank you. 

Hot off the press news you sassy fishwives!!! Be sure to click on the purple button to find out what's occurring. I'm most honoured indeed to be a part of das line-up. "We don't care what you do you stinky idiot." Fine.